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The Guild 3 [v 0.7.1 | Early Access] (2019) PC

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The Guild 3 [v 0.7.1 | Early Access] (2019) PC

Год выхода: 2017
Жанр: Simulation, Strategy, RPG
Разработчик/Издательство: GolemLabs / THQ Nordic
Язык интерфейса: EN/FR/DE + Русский
Язык озвучки: EN/DE
Тип издания: RePack
Таблетка: Вшита (3DM)

В этой игре вам, как ни в какой другой, придется показать максимум своих не только стратегических, но и экономических возможностей, дабы возглавить всю средневековую торговлю династии, которая претендует на мировую монополию. Вы окажитесь в мире, в котором всем заправляют деньги, власть и суеверия. Стоит отметить, что вам нужно не забывать о том, что благосостояние вашего дела напрямую будет зависеть от реально произошедших исторических событий, а также проблем в мировой экономике.

Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 7 or higher
Процессор: 2.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: 2 GB Direct3D 11 capable video card (GeForce GTX 470 or Radeon HD 5850)
DirectX: Версии 11
Место на диске: 3 GB
Управление: Клавиатура, Мышь

Below you can find the CHANGELOG:
With our last version we changed the way your family is played and how the family is extended. Our new version focuses on how to lay the foundation for your dynasty and how you are able to “Habsburg”* your competitors.
- The romance system has been changed. From now on you have to start a romance with a character before you can make that character your liaison or even marry them. As soon as a romance is started you can improve the affection score between your character and your romance. Unlike before, you are now able to make advances (liaison, marriage proposal) to a romance whenever you want. Nevertheless be aware that if you do that too early that your romance won’t like that if affection isn’t high enough yet.
- As often requested we now integrated a UI that provides you with a list of potential candidates for a romance. This UI opens as soon as you click the “Embark on a romance” button. We know that some of you like to pick your potential romance candidates directly in the game world. That’s why we added a button to the UI that allows you to pick a character directly in the game world. If you don’t have a romance, you will be informed if you try to start a liaison or make a marriage proposal. Though if you have romances, you will also get the quick selection UI when making a marriage proposal or when you want to start a liaison.
- From now on your avatar, spouse and heir is able to start romances with family members of other dynasties. Your heir is now also able to marry and produce offspring. This way you are able to further strengthen your dynasty’s future.
- So now the really cool stuff is coming. If you are more the “Habsburg” kind of person you are now able to try to marry the heir of another dynasty into your family. You can do that only in a very sneaky way. You need to make the competitor’s heir fall in love with you and then do a rushed wedding (not via “Dynastic trade”). If your competitor is not disinheriting his or her heir, you will get 75% of all the money and influence, all businesses and all houses (except the main residence) when your competitor’s leader leaves the mortal world. So be very careful who your heir is hanging out with! We are really happy about that change as it allows you to take over properties of your competitors without violence.
- You probably were asking yourselves what the “influence” is we mentioned above. Well the overall way of getting titles with XP didn’t sit really well with us. That’s why with EA 0.7.1 we introduced a new “currency” called Influence. Influence can be seen as your political power. Claiming titles or executing some actions requires you to use your influence. Influence can be gained through expanding your businesses and by executing certain actions. In the future, political offices will also provide you with influence regularly. The amount of influence you currently have is shown right below the money display in the upper left corner of your HUD. We hope that you are as excited as we are about the influence concept. In the upcoming patches we will add more interesting influence driven actions to the game and will also further work on balancing.
- In order to have XP only on characters we also removed XP from unlocking dynasty skills as well. Skills can be now unlocked for your dynasty with money and influence. Additionally we changed the way the skill trees are presented. From now on it should be way more clear why skills are locked and what’s needed to unlock them.
- Another problem we wanted to solve with EA 0.7.1. are tooltips for titles, skills, items, etc. Lots of players aren’t used to the right-click + hold controls for showing more detailed tooltips. Additionally lots of level 1 tooltips (the ones shown on mouse over) were not very useful with their limited amount of information. That’s why from now on you will get a way more detailed tooltip on mouse over. The right-click + hold pattern has been removed as it’s not needed anymore. As we also wanted to make the tooltips more useful, we changed the layout and the way information is generally presented. We hope that you like it but we think tooltips are now way more useful.
- Lots of you gave feedback that you would like that your family members are not bound to the working times in businesses. We changed that. From now on your family members can work 24/7.
- The diary was removed from the game. It was not essential for the gameplay and it was also one of the main causes for the game getting quickly slower over time!
The Guild 3 [v 0.7.1 | Early Access] (2019) PC
The Guild 3 [v 0.7.1 | Early Access] (2019) PC

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